summer evenings.

with luke working at the bakery in the mornings & my work schedule into the early evenings, we are only left with a few hours in the evening to spend together. it can be difficult at times to make dinner, spend quality time together, & give luke enough time to sleep before waking up at five for work. but- luke, last week, planned a special date for us. he packed delicious sandwiches, fresh snap peas, hummus, & kiwis & took me to peace park, where we first met. afterwards, we went to our favorite theater, ragtag, & watched "away we go." it was such a quirky film; i really recommend it! 

this afternoon, we are leaving for a week-long trip to fayetteville to visit his family. I always have such an enjoyable time with his family so I am really looking forward to our stay! I will be away from this space until monday morning. 
enjoy your weekend!



Luke Freeman said...

these are great pictures!

Tori said...

aw, they are great. he is right.
glad you're getting a get-away from work, love.
see you SOON!
yay i love you.

Jess said...

that sandwich looks incredible.

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