meal plan dilemma .

these photographs are from our float trip a few weeks ago. driving back, we stopped in this wildflower field & picked a huge bouquet. they were absolutely beautiful!

but- I am in need of some help! luke & I, for the past month or so, have been making a meal plan for the week. we are starting to collect recipes & plan to make a recipe box soon. I feel really good about dinner, but the real problem lies within my packed lunches. I have no idea of what to pack. yes, I love leftovers but sometimes we don't have them. I am so tired of turkey sandwiches & carrying around loads of tupperware bowls in my bag. 
so, i'd like to know if you have any ideas for me?! I would prefer healthier alternatives than potato chips & peanut butter + jelly sandwiches. thanks for your ideas- I look forward to hearing from you!

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Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

How about an almond butter(crunchy) & banana wrap on a whole wheat tortilla with maybe a drizzle of honey. Paired up with a bowl celery or fruit.

Julia said...

i do a lot of salads for lunch. especially in the summer when i don't want to cook! it's easy because it can vary so much depending on what you have on hand- some greens (spinach or lettuce), some cooked quinoa, maybe some beans, whatever veggies you have, a few seeds or nuts, and a simple dressing.

Liz said...

Hi Natalie,
lunches are hard for us too, I find it's the same... I'm typically packing g. up with leftovers and turkey sandwiches. he's pretty easy, but I often wonder what to make for myself. I've always loved spooning a bunch of kidney beans on a tortilla and mashing them down a bit, toppping with a little cheese before I nuke it and then topping that off with lettuce, salsa, and low-fat sour cream before rolling it up. It gets to be a bit of a mess, and not too easy to transport.
so, I was thinking - how about homemade pocket lunches? you could do a spin on empanadas to your liking and i also found this recipe just today. you could try all different kind of fillings - some of which would be fine at room temp too.
Happy lunching!

Tori said...

i like to buy the sprouted grain wraps(i'm sure you can find them at's the same brand that makes the ezekiel english muffins)or just some regular whole wheat wraps & spread some good hummus on it, then top it with greens, sliced carrots, tomatoes & avocado. so gooood!

love the flower photos, & you!

monica faye said...

^ that is the blog i told you about today. and you know how i feel about lunch everyday...turkey sandwiches get old really fast. pasta salads are the bomb dot com!

Julia said...

what about pitas, hummus and some veggies like cucumbers, carrots and maybe some olives. or tabbouleh. or bean or lentil salads. i can give you more specific recipes if you want :)

hope you get some lunch inspiration!

p.s. like the colors of those flowers!

Jess said...

maybe a wrap of a tortilla spread w hummus and filled with mixed salad greens and chopped veggies?
I love portable food like fruit - tons of fruit! and I re-use sandwich baggies or produce bags from the store and fill them with dried fruit and nuts for quick snacks.

Jess said...

oh, silly me. I didn't read the comments until after I posted - other people have already offered the wrap idea to you.
I second the idea about bean or lentil salads, or really any dish that is a full meal in one container.

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