the makings of a pizza

one of {our} favorite things to do together is make dinner, & we especially love to make pizza. we buy provolone cheese & whole wheat dough from a small pizza place in downtown. we bring that home, pile our own, homemade sauce onto it, & make it to our liking with chopped veggies & herbs. it is absolutely delicious & very cheap. we usually play some music & dance around the kitchen as we wait for the pizza to bake in the oven. 
since moving into my little house in the woods, i've loved being in the kitchen. with fresh food from the farmer's market & cut herbs lining the window sill, i enjoy experimenting & creating & changing a dish to my liking.
last night, luke & I celebrated the coming-home of our first kitchen table together & made a meal of sliced boiled eggs, couscous with tomatoes & parsley, & honeydew with blackberries
summer is a celebration of fresh meals & cool evenings at the kitchen table, conversing & sharing a meal. I love that!



Luke Freeman said...

These pictures turned out so wonderfully! I love our pizza nights, too--especially the dancing in the dining room part. Maybe we can turn pizza night into a little tradition. We could make pizza one night a week, so that we'd have one meal a week we wouldn't really have to worry about.

I love thinking about all the little traditions we'll create together.

your love

Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

You two are so cute it brings tears to my eyes!!! I mean the love that burst off this page and shines in my eyes is so real and wonderful!!!!

Love the make that a tradition!!!

Can you not comment on Luke's page??

Love the gardens and that bucket is too cute. Really eat the weeds???

natalie said...

mrs. betty,

you can't comment on luke's page. his comments are disabled & i can't figure out how to change it!!

monica faye said...

i see that beer you are drinking, missy.

can't fool me.

Anna said...

I see that beer too! Wonder what sinner bought that for you!!!

lottie said...

these shots are just lovely. lovely.

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