{90 years}

this past labor day weekend, i had the great pleasure of attending & photographing the birthday party of an incredible 90 year old man: luke's granddad. {the above photos are some of my favorites}. it amazes me to imagine the life that this man has lived & is still healthily living today. i would love to sometime sit down with him & listen to his stories. 

i love being with luke's family & celebrating with them. to finally be a part of their family means so much to me; they're all so warm & inviting. their love for food is a great plus, too.
luke & i have so much to catch-up with this week. but- it should still be a good one! tomorrow afternoon, {kelsey}, luke & i are heading to a flower garden to make photos. after that, i plan to make strawberry jam!

ps. our wedding was featured on {this} blog! we are so happy that so many people have enjoyed looking at our photos & we hope we can be of inspiration for the next couple's special day. thanks so much, {darci}!



Natalie Jenkins said...

Oh my gosh, we're famous! But really, it was an honor to be able to photograph your wedding and I miss you and Luke terribly. That's so cool that your wedding photos got featured on a major blog! I love these photographs, by the way.

Luke Freeman said...

I feel like a celebrity! She chose really great photos for the blog. Our style certainly shows.

And, Natalie, these photos are a great way to remember Granddad's 90th birthday. You did such a good job as the "photographer."

your love

kwhip said...

I really, really like that Luke's younger brother is in two of those photos. But where is David?

Tori said...

this is wonderful! it's so neat that you have a whole new set of family members now : )

& how COOL is it that you guys were featured! hell to the yeaaah!

Nicomi "Nix" Turner said...

Great post~

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