his space.

i really love {his} "office" by the window. whenever he's away, i like to look at the way he has arranged all of his papers & pens & books. although sometimes they drive me insane, i love his little piles- the piles he makes on top of his desk of library cd's & store receipts, the piles around the floor of important papers & binders full of notes for class. it just reminds me of him & that's why I love it all so much.


there isn't much to say about today except that it is filled with appointments & places to be. i believe i'd rather much be {here} and spending my day by the water. isn't it beautiful? thank you {shari}, for such a beautiful photo.



Luke Freeman said...

my love,

Thank you for loving me despite my piles.

I got your note on the kitchen counter. It made me smile. I just love you so much. I came back home after Uprise, hoping you'd still be here. But my hopes sank when I saw that your bike was gone. I was hoping to get in a little "us" time before Loaves & Fishes. But that just makes me look forward to seeing you tonight all the more. I'm saving all my lovin' for you.


monica faye said...

you two are too freakin' cute.

kwhip said...

I really like that window.

Jamie Condon said...

Thank you for your kind words. I absolutely adore your photographs... and your wedding -- so lovely!! -- I hope you guys are doing well. I miss your ray of sunshine. It was a pleasure to meet you and spend time with you.

Much love,

Mollie D said...

I'm with Monica, you two are too cute. Congrats on your wedding, I loved looking at the pictures.

shari said...

i am just catching up here. i'm glad you liked that photo natalie.

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