mustard seed fair trade.

I had a great time making photos for one of our local stores in columbia, {mustard seed} a few weeks ago. i've talked about the store before, but I just want to say- it is one of my favorites! their passion for serving not only the local community but the world, too, is incredible! the many artists around the world who have committed their lives to creating beautiful works of art from different materials at hand should, and are now, being paid the wages they deserve because of consumers who support stores like mustard seed. so, if you're ever in the downtown area of columbia, i encourage you to make a stop & buy or just look at the beautiful craftsmanship there- it is, at times, breathtaking to be reminded of the hands that created such beauty with so little.



Jeremy Estes CFD said...

I would totally love for you to photograph some of my work sometime. Your photography is really good lovey! I like your perspective, it would be great to have some photos by you to add to my portfolio!!! Im super serious so let's talk!

Julia said...

nice work natalie! your photographs really show the beauty of these products.

Luke Freeman said...

The first two photos are incredible. You did such a good job with the shoot!

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