a lovely few days...

i've been away from the internet for most of the weekend & it has been so nice. we caught up with a lot of things around the house & started working on ordering our prints for the {north village artists market}! if you're in the columbia area, please come & visit us! we will be selling some of our prints + my beaded jewelry. this afternoon, i ordered some postcards from {this} company. i can't wait to see them!
we made a lot of plans for the weekend but at the last minute decided to ditch them due to a friday morning incident i had with a flight of stairs. i am fine now, but i am sure there will be some bruising. we did manage, though, to have lunch with a group of friends at the holy road house- a house dedicated to agricultural activism & living suistainably. it was wonderful to see all of them & their daily lives. they have four chickens, an outdoor composting toilet, & have managed to turn off their hot water & only use cold for bathing. i made some photos so you'll be able to see their beautiful home soon!

well, i hope the rest of your sunday is happy & filled with lots of love. i've got to finish some to-do's before monday morning rolls around.
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