& the winners are...

after many hours of deliberating & searching for negatives {i really need to organize my negatives in a binder!}, luke + i have chosen the photos for our booth at the {north village artist market} on october 10th! the photos above are mine that we will be selling in 5x7 size & postcards. i would really love to hear what you think...
also, i know some of you are not in the missouri area so if you would like to purchase a print or a postcard, just shoot me an email at njnwc3@mail.missouri.edu & i will mail it to you. the 5x7 prints are $10 & the postcards are $2.50.
finally, i plan to have a giveaway sometime in the near future in honor of my 100th entry on my blog... be lookin' out for that!

enjoy the rest of your week! tonight, i plan on enjoying some craft time with my favorite ladies!



Jamie Condon said...


i am in-love with the third photograph down... with the tiny pink blossoms that look like crinkled-up tissue paper. can i *order* a 5x7 from you? ie. mail a check?

this would make the wall at my desk very happy!

Jamie Condon said...

my email: jamieleecondon@gmail.com

kwhip said...

I think I am going to buy Christmas presents for some of my friends from you and Luke — Andrea in particular. I am so excited, and I love all of those pictures.

Leslie said...

These are all so beautiful! I especially like the first one with all the bits & pieces of nature. I hope you have a successful sale!

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