his gifts.

i've been waiting for awhile to make an entry about these photos because it is so difficult for me to put into words how special these items are to me. these items didn't cost much relative to "normal" engagement rings & elaborate jewelry, but they show how much luke gets me- how much he appreciates & celebrates who i am. luke is the most thoughtful person i know. when he gave me the locket, the night of our rehearsal dinner, & i opened it to find two black & white photos of us (from my favorite photo of us), i was amazed at his love & attention to detail. sometimes i wonder why i was blessed with such a wonderful husband, life partner & best friend. i wish everyone could meet him; he is so full of life & his laughter illuminates a room.

{luke, i love you!}

& it is only appropriate that i made this entry on such a gloomy day- to bring in a bit of love & light to this dreariness. if i could choose, i'd pick up luke from work, cancel our classes, & spend the day in bed with the windows open- reading books, snacking on goat cheese, apple slices, & fresh bread, & talking of dreams.

what do you wish for your day?

 love, natalie

ps. thank you to everyone who purchased a print + postcard from me! you guys are the best!


Celine said...

love these photographs.

and I love the locket so much. I always wanted one, but missed my chance on the one I loved at a market in London.

Luke is incredibly sweet.

Luke Freeman said...

Natalie, I got teary-eyed reading what you wrote. Though those few things in the pictures are symbols of my love and affection for you, I feel like I do so little to express how much I truly love you. You mean the world to me. You make me so happy. You are worth so much more than gold or diamonds. I couldn't imagine my life without you.

I'm daydreaming about being with you right now, snuggled up in bed with hot tea and fresh bread. I'm blowing a kiss to you across time and space.

I love you, Natalie. Happy two-month anniversary!

your life-long lover and friend

Anonymous said...

So sweet.

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