checking out.

dear friends, how is it friday? i feel like just yesterday, luke & i were spending our sunday evening resting + preparing ourselves for the upcoming week. now, that week has ended & the weekend is stretched out in front of us- full of adventure & possibilities. for that reason, i plan to unplug this weekend. i have a full two days of work at the store {we're preparing for christmas! so early but that's retail} & work at home- preparing for the artist market! also, i'd love to spend an evening cuddling with the husband.
& before i check-out, i thought i'd leave you with a sneak peak of our new home. our living room is so cozy, one of my favorite places in our home. once luke + i have our new blog up & running, we will make an entry about our new home. but until then, this is all you get! :)

enjoy the weekend!

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Jess said...

your home is so inviting and beautiful and restful.

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