date night {the victory of mrs. freewoman}

good morning! words are difficult for me this morning. we're out of half & half so no coffee for me. but-last night was a very good night- {our} date night! we went to ragtag & saw {paper heart}- a great movie, i really recommend that you see it! charlyne yi & michael cera are so incredibly awkward; it's beautiful, truly. it takes a lot for me to laugh at a movie because my mind starts to become so serious, so involved in the characters & the plot. but- in this movie, i was laughing hysterically. it is partly documentary & partly written script between the love of michael & charlyne. so yeah, go & see it.
we also managed to spend two hours in a heated game of scrabble. from the evidence above, it is clear that i dominated! it was beautiful. i am still thinking about the cappuccino brownie that we split while competing in "the ultimate match-off." i just really love being with the best husband in the universe!
this morning, i plan to buy some delicious apples + other things at the farmer's market. tomorrow afternoon, we are having some close friends over for lunch. we plan to make homemade pizza & apple bundt cake for dessert! won't you join us?



Tori said...

aww i wanna join!
...i need to get away from here.

i love this all! i especially love the scoreboard. you guys are amazing & hilarious & i miss you freePEOPLE! tell luke i said so : )

love you ladyloveee

kwhip said...

Hahahahahaha, I love that picture of Luke. And that scoreboard is hilarious. Looks like it was a funny game!

Jess said...

apple bundt cake, my favorite! it was such a pleasant surprise to see you at the farmers' market this morning!

Keeper of the Skies Wife said...


Luke Freeman said...

... I get depressed just thinking about it.

shari said...

i was just thinking of going to see paper heart on saturday. now i definitely will. enjoying catching up here, natalie.

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