meet frank.

{photos made by my wonderful husband}

when we met, it was love at first sight. the soft leather of the seat, the copper color of his body, the images flowing through my mind of a basket on the front with baguettes & fresh flowers placed safely inside. i knew he would take me to places i had never seen & in the quickest & smoothest way possible. he's dreamy & he's mine!
please meet frank sinatra, my new bicycle.
he makes me oh so happy & when we ride, all i can do is smile!



alice said...

Cute bike! :)

Luke Freeman said...

I'm getting a little jealous.

kwhip said...


Angelique said...

Hello Frank!
Lucky girl to have a new bike :)

Jess said...

you are simply gorgeous. those colors look great on you. that bike is lucky to have you!

Julia said...

great bike! i'm so glad you found one- it'll make you so happy. just need to get a helmet (not to sound too motherly, but i'm 100% serious). congrats!

nikole said...

these photos are so cute!

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