five senses friday.

{photos from one of our stops in knoxville, tn- a beautiful window display of paint-chips sewn together & inside the yee-haw industries letterpress shop}

+coffee with half & half from uprise bakery
+homemade strawberry jam
+roasted red pepper & portabello pizza with a cup of eggplant parmesan soup
+{wilco} "impossible germany"
+the sounds from outside & in the community garden
+soft, red yarn & needles between my fingers, the makings of my fall scarf
+excited that classes are finished for the week & a calm weekend is ahead!
+the coolness of mid-morning
+strawberry jam simmering in the kitchen
+the sweetness of freshly cut watermelon
+hints of autumn- brightly colored mums, pumpkins at the farmer's market
+{matt ballou's work} at p.s. gallery

happy friday, everyone! i have a very good feeling about this weekend. i've felt behind this week so it will be nice to simply rest on sunday. i'll be back tomorrow with cheery photos from the farmer's market!



Tori said...

natalie all the photos are wonderful!
i need some good quality best friend time...
we're having a wine night tonight, i wish you were HERE!

shari said...

such good things! adore the photos. happy weekend.

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