good morning!

good morning! i realize that most of these photos do not go together, but i thought i'd label them as "september film." these photos definitely give the mood of what i've been up to lately, except for the text books & online assignments for school. we have really enjoyed our home thus far. my favorite part is the soft light right before evening that comes in through our sheer curtains. 
we've also been planning for our booth at {this} artists market in october! we will have some of our photos & my jewelry for sale. i am really looking forward to meeting different artists in the neighborhood & seeing how others respond to our work. also, luke & i are in the planning process of creating a new blog that will really expose the new life that we are living together as a young married couple. more details to come...
i believe i wrote yesterday that i've felt behind this week. today, at work, i have to train two new employees which is adding to my stress. so, i believe i am going to avoid the computer until monday morning. i really want to enjoy our restful sunday & really get some stuff done around the house. 

enjoy your weekend! i'll be back on monday :)



Beautiful photographs.
and I exactly know how that coming in soft light feels like.

have a nice day.

Jamie Condon said...

Your photography is so beautiful! I'm jealous of your camera... AND your eye ;)

kwhip said...

I get really excited whenever I see pictures on your blog that I was with you when you took, haha. :)

Also, I got you and Luke a min present in Montreal today!

Jess said...

what is that delicious thing on the blue desk?

Tori said...

i wrote you on FB, check it!

Tori said...

oh & i freaking commented on this yesterday & i guess it didn't show up. i don't know what the deal is with that lately...

well anyway, i, like Jess, would love to know what that delicious looking creation is!

also, your apt is looking so lovely from all the photographs you've been posting. can't wait to see it soon, hopefully!

nadia said...

i am loving your blog!

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