no. 33

{yes, i am still posting photos from our honeymoon. these were taken on chicken alley in asheville, north carolina. it was such a wonderful place...}

hi, everyone! did you enjoy your weekend? we did! we cleaned our apartment, caught up on some work, & relaxed. it was nice to be away from the computer for a couple of days. it made me start thinking about my morning routine, too. i always check my blog + email in the morning, before anything else. this isn't good for two reasons- 1} i could be do many more things to get ready for the day & 2} luke is usually home so by being on the computer, i'm unable to focus on him. so, i've decided to not check anything internet-related until the mid afternoon. i think it will really improve the quality of my morning & his.
i'm also really excited because in about an hour, luke & i are going to head to our favorite bike shop in search of a new bicycle for me! we make an effort to always ride our bikes instead of using the car, but my bicycle isn't in the best shape. so, instead of paying to get it fixed, we're going to see if we can get a reasonably-priced used bicycle in great condition. wish us luck!



kwhip said...

Woah! I am really excited to see your new bike when you get one. If it isn't the cutest, maybe you could even just paint it yourself? This is big news!

HereBeDragons said...

Those are a bit random!

Tori said...

all these honeymoon photos are amazing, natalie! i want to see them all in person when i visit ; )


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