entry no. 97...

which means only three more entries until my giveaway so keep yourself posted!

as for the photos, they're from our friends' house- the holy road house. last sunday, we enjoyed delicious local food & great conversation with them. right now, i wish i could be enjoying the calm of a sunday afternoon. my life is so hectic right now & i feel like everything is out of place. we're preparing for the artist market that will be held this weekend {which is great fun!} but on top of that, i have an exam to study for + a paper to write. i can become really frustruated with how little time is left for simply knitting or sitting down to read a book.
there are three things that have brightened my week in the midst of all of the chaos...
+bringing in a large wooden bowl of freshly harvested arugula & making an autumn salad
+ finding a large box on our porch & opening it up to find a beautiful handmade card & brightly colored apples. {thank you, lynn + isaac!}
+enjoying delicious, healthy fudge around {anna's} table

in the midst of to-do's, appointments, & little sleep, there are little glimpses of happiness & true blessings.



Jody said...

That pic of the chickens makes me miss mine. I'm definitely getting more this upcoming Spring.


Tori said...

oh man please take me on a visit here when i come to see you...in the near future!...i cannot go through the rest of 2009 without seeing my best friend. for real, i miss you more than i can say!

i hope you make it through your week well, as i know you will! good luck with the art sale...can we talk ASAP?! I called sunday to tell you something kind of silly that happened to me while i was at whole foods, so remind me to tell you when we conversaaate. :)
when you called i was making sweet potato quesadillas for nick(thanks to you making them for me last year) he liked them...yay!

ahh i could write a friggin' novel on your comments if i wanted to. OH & i got your message & i am SO stoked about the package! YAY! ifuoafjaofna.

& you be on the lookout for a little package yourself :)


Tori said...

p.s. wow i use too many exclamation points.

but i am just excited to talk to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Luke Freeman said...

We'll have chickens someday...

Jess said...

girl, you are amazing!
and these photos make me want to visit that place right.now.

nicole said...

beautiful photographs, natalie. your friends' home seems peaceful.

anna said...

holographic chickens you mean? ;)

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