that arugula.

remember that arugula i was talking about on my last entry? i couldn't keep my camera away from it. the green of the leaves & the little holes left from an insect's lunch really make me happy. i suppose that's why i am a farmer's wife in-the-making... :)

& i was really happy to see {shari's} lately list & wanted to do something similar...

++ finding {nourishing traditions} in our mailbox by a lovely {neighbor friend}

++knowing that my copy of {3191: a year of evenings} will be mailed to me in less than two weeks- a surprise from luke!

++a bag full of tiny pumpkins to be displayed proudly around our home

++the excitement of knowing that the {north village artist market} is almost here!

++making a "food journal" to keep track of the foods i am putting in my body {more on that later}

++bringing out the brightly-colored scarfs & winter hats to be used for the next several months

++making cilantro-marinated fajitas for our dear friends

& finally...

++revealing our new blog- {him + her} on sunday morning! {i will post a link soon!} my husband & i are coming together to write about life as young newlyweds & the beauty we have experienced in the last two months + the many adventures to come. won't you join us?


Luke Freeman said...

I love these photos! And you know I'm super excited about our blog.

Everyone should check it out!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for the new blog =)

Tori said...

AHH i'm stoked about the blog!
but hey, what about ours?! we never started it! let's make that our goal by the end of 2009, k?!

the arugula looks so beautiful. i am so happy we spoke tonight. i love you, beautiful lady!

kwhip said...

"I couldn't keep my camera away from it." Hahahaha, that sounds just like you. I am so pumped about having another blog friend.

Jess said...

yes, yes, and yes.
yes to that arugula!
yes to cilantro-marinated fajitas!
and YES to him + her! I am so, so excited!

Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

Oh my...I am so excited about the new blog!!!

So how do you cook the arugula? Or do you eat it in a salad?

nicole said...

hi, you. let me know how you like Nourishing Traditions. it radically changed our views. xo

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