{a new blog + a giveaway!}

{a surprise lunch for luke... completely unrelated to this entry, haha}

good evening, readers!
i am in an exceptionally happy mood tonight. we had a wonderful time at the artist market! a lot of our friends came to see us + support our work. we were able to meet many artists showing at the market & trade some of our work for theirs. all in all, it was an encouraging experience & we will definitely do it again. to celebrate, we took a two-hour nap & made pancakes for dinner. :)

in other news, {our} new blog will be opening tomorrow morning! to see it, look {here}! we will be writing to you every sunday morning about a specific topic relating to our newly-married life. there will be lots of photos + this is a great way for us to connect once a week in the midst of such hectic schedules. so please, join us in celebrating {him + her} tomorrow morning!


finally, i've decided to host a giveaway! my next entry will be my 100th entry & i am so proud. if you don't know, i'm not very consistent. meaning, i don't keep at things for very long. i can get discouraged very easily + forget about things. but- you have all been such great support & of infinite inspiration to me & luke so it hasn't been too difficult to keep up with my writing + photography. i really appreciate all of you taking the time to read!
so... i'd like to give one lucky winner one of my prints + a pair of my earrings as a big thank you.

{i apologize for the quality of this photo... the light at nine in the evening can be a bit tricky}

all you have to do is:
+post a comment on this entry
+before thursday morning, the 15th of october
+of your favorite form of inspiration right now!
+please include your email address so i can contact you if you're the winner!

i will randomly choose a winner on thursday & post my 100th entry on friday to reveal the lucky reader! so good luck + happy winnings!



Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

I can't wait to read the new blog.

Here is a Christmas giveaway you need to enter...it closes tonight (Sunday)http://grammyababychangeseverything.blogspot.com/

My daughters are my inspiration!

Caroline Thibault said...

Yay, the new blog will be in my google reader list for sure.
my inspiration right now are pumpkins, acorn squash, apple and cinnamon, layering in cold flea market mornings. :)
see you soon on the other side!

my email is carolinethibault youknowwhat gmailcom

ness said...

I have sooo enjoyed your blog, Natalie. I'm glad that you are giving me the chance to get to know you by posting your lovely pictures and thoughts.

I am inspired by many things, but china is a steady source of ideas for me...so many patterns, shapes and colors to mix and play with.

Looking forward to the new blog!

Dominique said...

Your new writing and sharing space is so sweet and lovely.

My inspirations these days come from cool air in the mornings, secret dining room dance parties, and trading stories with new friends.

Rock Star Librarian said...

My inspirations right now are leaves, clouds, crepe paper, and hot cocoa.

Liz said...

Hi Natalie,
everything about this changing time, everything that encompasses fall - the way it awakens all of my senses, the things I remember and enjoy from falls past...these are inspiring me now...muted colors and old woolens, the pop of the reddening fall leaves, the yellows, the scent of apples on our table, the change in the air, the extra quilts on our bed, our babys first birthday around the bend... nothing compares to the way fall makes me feel...it's really a special time for me!

I love visiting this space
- thankyou!

xxx Liz

Anonymous said...

I've been waiting for the new blog for a while. I'm reading it now =)

My inspirations right now are this: www.freethechildren.com
and the blogs that I read, because all of them echo of simplicity and beauty. I'm always in awe of things that people do.

My email is hangul_kodou@hotmail.com

Anonymous said...

just read the new blog and got excited. cant wait for more. I stumbled across your blog during some research for my wedding coming up, and someone linked your photos.. Your wedding was beautiful.

My current inspiration is the new album from noah and the whale.. the first days of spring.. www.noahandthewhale.com its just so magnificent.. and the sister video is perfect too.

yess.. anyway keep on blogging.. i love it

Anonymous said...

you've got my e-mail address.
and the best inspiration i've got at the moment is the large iced americano with cream and cane syrup sitting right here in front of me like a little inspirational pet.
if i win these earrings, i am totally going to pierce my ears just so i can wear them.
or i will give them to my mom.
or to chad...??
thanks for the wonderful mountain daisies print on saturday.

Rebecca said...

Love your site. I am inspired by open spaces -- moving furniture and reading books sprawled out on the rugs.

Anonymous said...

oh natalie...
you are the best (and luke too, of course)
i'm so excited to read your blog... it gives me ideas for future projects with my fella!
and... a giveaway... with an awesome print (that would look lovely in my new studio) and earrings... well, we know what i would do with those! haha!
anyway... i'd have to say i'm so completely inspired by my new home...
clayton and i moved to a lovely little town (the one he grew up in) and have a place we're setting up... hence no blogging from me in so long...
but, this new home has amazing wallpaper... a wood- burning stove... crazy windows... and a creepy attic! plus it's autumn in new england... which always gets me in the mood to knit and curl up and dream! (oh! and i can hear the train off inthe distance!)
i hope you and luke are well...
take care lovely lady!
(i think you have my email... but, if not... it's tiffanymjewell [at] gmail [dot] com)

Jen said...

I love the new space. And I am finding inspiration in the colors in the trees right now. It's insane how much the light changes this time of year.

Jess said...

ohmygosh I love the new blog . . . it is like a knife in the heart (in a good way - you know what I'm talking about, right?).
I just love you.
My inspirations right now come from a happy secret I have, and cool, crisp air, and the memories I have of my dad, who I am missing dearly right now.

p.s. congrats on 100 posts! and may many more come!

danika said...

hi natalie!

i've been reading your blog for a couple of months now (but never commented - what a creeper!), and absolutely adore it. your photography, what you write, your happiness - all of it! i find it incredibly beautiful and inspiring, as i, too, am a young married person, and he + i have the goal of living as closely to the land as possible. (and i'm really excited about your new blog, too!) i feel kind of funny that my first comment is on your giveaway post, but i wanted to say congratulations on making it to 100 posts!

my inspiration lately has been our local farmer's market - i only get to go a few times a month, because of my work schedule, but i gain so much from it every time we go - and not only in vegetables! it makes my heart full, seeing so many people come together over beautiful, local foods.

( mailfordanika @ gmail . com )

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