our little adventure.

my friend, {kelsey}, gave me her {holga camera} last thursday. i had no idea how to use it, but i thought i'd give it a try...

so in an attempt to get away from it all for just a bit, {luke} + i took a walk around the neighborhood & saw...

beautiful signs that autumn is here but will be leaving us too soon.

+ if you have just a moment, go look at the {big} {sur} from {shari's} eye. it's breathtaking!
+make a trip over to {luke's} new {blog}!



Luke Freeman said...

I love you! I love these pictures! I think all that wasted film was worth getting these few pictures out of that Holga. The one of you and me is classic. It looks like it's out of a movie.

dänika said...

wonderful post; your photos taken with the holga are lovely! i've been trying to get my hands on a holga for a few months now (someone upped the bid in the last seconds of the auction on ebay! i was devastated), because i absolutely love the ethereal - and unpredictable! - quality of the photos.

kwhip said...

Those photos turned out so well. I'm glad you got some use out of the little Holga! The one of you and Luke is amazing.

Tori said...

ahh the LAST one.

Liz said...

the trees look like they are glowing...
and you guys do too :)
thank you so much for your sweet little package. It arrived safely, and added cheer to my day.

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