i cannot help but brag... {luke} saved up his allowance for three months & bought me a wonderful copy of {3191: evenings}. i had been talking about it for months & last week, the lovely package arrived happily in our mailbox. we were both so excited! the book, by {mav} & {stephanie}, is a true delight- simple yet intricate, made with great attention to detail & care, & filled with such wonderful photographs. it calms, inspires, & puts me at ease.
thank you, luke. you know how to make a girl feel special!

also, in other news... we made another entry to {him + her}! we hope you're enjoying the adventure as much as we are! it is a highlight to our sunday mornings + afternoons.

enjoy your monday. i've got to head downtown & search for the perfect pieces for my halloween costume...



kwhip said...

Every time I think about what y'all are going to be for Halloween, I chuckle out loud. I can't WAIT to see these costumes in real life. Also, I love that the two of you keep so many flowers around in your lives. It says a lot about you, I think.

Luke Freeman said...

I must note that I look ridiculously good in my halloween costume. All I'm going to say is that there are white tights involved. Just another reason why everyone should come to the halloween party we're having on Saturday.
. . .
Thank you, Natalie, for your post. I wish I could do more to show you how much I love you.

- Luke

Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

Now that is romantic, Luke! That shows your love for Natalie!

anna said...

i want to flip through that book.. all it will do is make me want to take more picture of my table. maybe i'll start now.
ok. i guess i dont need to look at the book.

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