seek it.

its one of those mornings.
one of those mornings when you wake up far too early, & its difficult to leave the warm blankets. you finally manage to crawl from the bed & then realize- there are to do lists to get done, commitments that need to be met, & not enough time in the day to finish it all. you start to feel tense, become overwhelmed. then, you close your eyes & find that peace. that peace that you know has been there all along.
it will all get done. & if it isn't completed today, it will be left for another day. it will all be alright.
so, you take your time. you enjoy that cup of warm coffee. you write, you read, you notice.

there is beauty within us & around us always. let us find time to seek it.



kwhip said...

Those leaves pictures are gorgeous, particularly the first one. And you're advice is right: I've obviously been feeling kind of down recently, but I should just focus on the small things and relax. Some things don't even deserve to be made into a huge issue.

danika said...

beautiful pictures - and what you wrote is such a good, timely reminder for me. thank you!

shari said...

lovely, natalie. so much so.

Luke Freeman said...

Beautiful post, Natalie. This is something I have to be constantly reminded of. (You know that.)

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