a community project.

{some portraits for my latest project..."living proof"}

hi, everyone! although i haven't been posting in this place as much as i usually do, i have been exercising my creative muscles & picking up my camera quite often... just for a different project. i'm not sure if you know, but i am working on my bachelor's degree in education, youth studies, and women's and gender studies. for one of my classes, our final project is to incorporate the main topics discussed in class in a creative presentation. my group & i decided to interview a diverse group of people & find out about the influence of their ethnicity, community and culture on their personal educational experiences. it has been such an enriching project to be a part of by having the opportunity to learn about these people's lives & capture it on film.

i'm not sure how much i will be writing in this space this week. i'll try to get back to you soon! i have so many ideas i'd like to share with you. until then, happy monday!



danika said...


those portraits are absolutely amazing. you have such an eye for capturing beauty.

hope you have a lovely week!

shari said...

wonderful portraits and your degree sounds so interesting and rewarding. have a great week!

Luke Freeman said...

You are such a great portrait photographer. These pictures are so full of personality.

kwhip said...

I absolutely LOVE the last one of that kid. He looks really cute.

Genevieve said...

It is an absolute delight to read your blog!

Jen said...

this is such a great project...I would love doing something like this.

Tori said...

you didn't even tell me about this?!

beauty-fool! beautee-fewl! beautiful!

Jess said...

love the photos! will you post the film?

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