just checking in...

i know i said i'd make an entry about homemade gifts for this morning, but i'm finding it difficult to get motivated & accomplish anything. i think i am going to extend my break from posting. i'll be back soon, i promise.
thanks for always reading.



shari said...

take care of yourself sweet friend.

Anonymous said...

rest up.. and look forward to a blog soon..

Anonymous said...

natalie: i started reading your blog sporadically several months ago after finding a comment that you left on another site ("the habit of being"). your photographs are very moving, and your words inspiring. thank you for the little bits of kindness and authenticity that you express in each entry. i look forward to reading more soon!

-brittany s.

gracia said...

Enjoy your break, rest up, tie loose ends together and I look forward to your blogging return.

Tori said...

i love you best friend! beautiful photograph, as always.

i am sorry if i have neglected commenting a lot! I have been busy as i am sure you know. i love you so much.

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