2009 a year in review: january-april




inspired by {abby's} {entry}, i have decided to review my year in photographs. these photos are not necessarily my "best," but they are most definitely my favorites, bringing back the warmest of memories & the sweetest & most significant events from this year...

dusting off my film camera & exploring a new-found love for making photos, taking our first step toward marriage & a life forever spent together, times of depression but a spirit & Father who overcomes even the darkest of moments, a visit from a {best friend}, picking up bouquets of flowers just because, forming a deep relationship with a beautiful baby & a wonderful {friend}, a camping trip to southern missouri with the sweetest company, growing our starts & supporting our local farmer's market, photographing a local store in columbia, & selling our photographs at our first craft show.

i am so thankful for these months & memories full of firsts, loves, & growth.

what are some of your memories of 2009?



Kristen said...

i am so happy to have found you this year, natalie. your photographs are so lovely and inspiring. what a beautiful year you have had in 2009. i trust that 2010 will be just as fine!

Tori said...

yay, yay. i love these all.
such beautiful memories!
i'm so glad Abby & you decided to do these, cause it inspired me to follow along : )
I need to get a roll of film developed so i can have something for december, ha!

Jess said...

thanks for including Finn in your memory photos. : ) all these photos are great!

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