2009 a year in review: may- august





(photo by natalie jenkins)

i sometimes wonder what happened between may & august, but looking back at these photographs makes it much easier to remember the excitement, stress, new beginnings, & bittersweet moments of those months...

hiking in missouri & finding our first morel, eating one of the most delicious burritos at main squeeze, visiting a farm & eating fresh asparagus, floating with the bakery, baking the first of many delicious homemade pizzas from fresh in-season ingredients, GETTING MARRIED, visiting max patch (an oasis of sorts), traveling around asheville on our honeymoon, tasting the local flavors of every stop along the way of our roadtrip honeymoon, & coming back home to columbia & a place full of friends & love.

these months were beautiful. these months have changed my life. for the better.

thanks for reading.



Luke Freeman said...

What a special summer that was! And my life was forever changed--for the better.

Anonymous said...

It's good to be surrounded by life so vividly. Hopefully someone'll bring me to life soon, like you've been awaken to it.

Tori said...

it's so amazing looking back at all the beautiful moments. I feel like even though we are doing such different things in our lives, i am always in tune with what has gone on in yours & what is going on in yours. Looking at these photos reminded me of that. We are connected. Always!

You really have had a life-changing year. So beautiful.
I love you!

Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

Awww....Happy New Year to you & your wonderful lover!!

nicole said...

what a beautiful post, friend. wishing you and luke peace and blessings in the new year. xo

kwhip said...

I MUST HAVE that Max Patch photo, haha!

denise said...

I just found your blog and it is lovely! instead of doing my work this morning, I've been reading all your old posts! I went to asheville on my honeymoon too! we almost stayed!

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