advent conspiracy.

this is a photo from a cafe we visited while in north little rock during thanksgiving break. i feel like i am still living a bit in the past, lingering on the evenings spent with family during our stay. all of the delicious food prepared by others, the dirty dishes just magically disappearing & cleaned by hands not our own. but- i think i am finally getting used to being back in our tiny attic. i finally managed to tackle the piles of dishes left from monday, & i even made our bed! no more nose tissues & cough drops for me, i am back to healthy! now... i just need to get on all of the handmade gift ideas i have stored away in my mental toolbox.
this christmas is already turning out to be my favorite. {this} has been a great reminder of what is important.

good day, friends!


chadjhicks said...

Natalie! Hi, I like the picture and I'm glad that you're caught back up and feeling better. Keep posting great stuff! =)

kwhip said...

I already have your Christmas present and Luke's ready! I'm so excited to give them to you before I go home to Texas.

Jess said...

i'm so glad you're feeling better. and i really, really love those yellow chairs.

Tori said...

yay happy holidays!
i love that advent conspiracy video-i remember when you showed me that last year.

i am so glad you are feeling better, dear.

i am afraid i'm not going to have as great of homemade gifts to give this christmas as i had last christmas...due to the fact that i'm in that wedding/meg is graduating/i work this year. ohhh well. It will all be beautiful nonetheless.

all my love from the 501. heh heh.

Chez Danisse said...

...and what are those handmade gift ideas?

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