a bit of wintry joy...

signs of winter are all around us.
the crunch of the ice & frost beneath my feet, the gray, soft earmuffs keeping my ears warm, the handmade mittens knitted by another keeping my fingers cozy, & the snowflakes, each unique in design & make, swirling & floating all around me- all of this filled my heart with such joy this morning as i walked to class.
i am so thankful for this time of year. among the many worries of gifts, holiday travel, & extended hours at work, i've found peace. friends, i hope you can find that inner joy, too.
i am looking forward to tonight when we will spend an evening with good friends, enjoying curry split peas with basmati rice, cups of hot apple cider, & a bit of {sufjan}.



Jennifer said...

are those cloves in oranges on the table! i LOVE that and it brings back memories of when my old roommate in college and i would decorate the apartment by doing the same thing and nicking branches of juniper and holly from bushes on the uni campus.

your home looks so cosy and lovely :)

Tori said...

mmmhmm! i love this time of year.

& i love the cloves in oranges, too! I might just have to do that.

Hope your test are going well! I am about to walk to school for my last final of the semester. hell. to. the. yes.

Luke Freeman said...

You are my winter princess. I caught myself singing Christmas songs on my way to class this morning. I am reminded of how much I love winter.

fog said...

your place looks so cozy and lovely.

Anonymous said...

are the oranges with cloves in them for decoration purposes only or will you be using them later for something. lovely pics.


natalie said...

hi, everyone! yes, the oranges have cloves in them. if you put the cloves in the oranges, it gives off a delicious scent- reminds me of the holiday season. once the oranges start to get a little old, i'll peel them & put them in a pot on the oven. once they're heated, it smells oh so good! :)

Jess said...

I love those cloved oranges! I vote for one of those pictures to be your "winter 2009" header!!!

kim said...

sounds like my perfect evening :-)

Tara Thayer said...

natalie, i love these photos and these words. i am home tonight with just one girl awake, and the minute we saw this she jumped up and asked for cloves. now she is happily working away next to me. it reminds us of a trip we take with my parents every year that we're not taking this year. you've steered us towards something that will give us a little piece of something joyful we are missing this year.
i and lindsey thank you.
best wishes,

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