hello, 2010!

2010 has greeted us with so much love, assurance, joy & good news! on new year's eve, we spent the evening over at our favorite new {neighbors'} home. we enjoyed drinks & good conversation, talking about health care, sustainable living & food. i absolutely love the conversations had with friends. we left around 11 & brought in the new year tucked under blankets & in a deep sleep. i wouldn't have asked for it any other way.
on new year's day, i cleaned & he cooked. it felt so good. he made black-eyed peas with cornbread & local bacon. i scrubbed the bathroom, reorganized the closet, boxed up the christmas decorations, & bagged up some things to take to our local thrift store. at the end of our day, we spent the evening setting up luke's new record player & dancing to frank sinatra's "tell her you love her."
now, i'm enjoying a quiet evening of baking zucchini bread & working on our meal plan.

as for good news, please visit {him + her} tomorrow afternoon for our new year's resolutions & new beginnings!



kwhip said...


Tori said...

haha kelsey the same thing popped in my head, then i thought, "if i found out my best friend is pregnant on the internet i will never forgive her." so that can't possibly be it : )

natalie said...


Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

Holy cow...I thought the same thing!! Then I thought if Tori didn't tell me that Natalie was preggos and I found out on her blog...I'd be mad! AH- the way we woman think!

I love how you two danced to Frank Sinatra...by record...in the living room!

shari said...

sounds so nice, natalie. i hope 2010 brings you more of these fun, peaceful moments.

Anna said...

happy new year!

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