as of lately list...

+i've had a bit of cabin fever lately... i'm really looking forward to our little road trip next week
+enjoying bags of frozen zucchini from the farmer's market, from this past summer, & making loaves of delicious bread
+making too many sweet treats: the best chocolate chip cookies {recipe soon, i promise!} & lemon bars {i ate these from the pan yesterday!}
+listening to {this} on repeat
+walking in the deepest of snow i've ever seen
+dinner dates & crafting nights with the dearest of friends
+not cooking dinner! only dessert...
+dreaming about gardening plans for this summer & what herbs to plant
+inspired by {this} entry
+learning to felt... new earring ideas are in the making!
+preparing for the love fest art show at the end of january
+quiet moments spent looking out the window
+{this} new series from shari
+sipping on my new favorite- earl grey tea
+working on knitting a new scarf

i almost wrote this entry last night when the day had kicked me hard, but then decided to simply go to sleep & wake-up this morning to write. i am so happy i did. i feel so fresh... a new beginning today. so much to look forward to. so much that i won't get to. but it's okay. because it always is.

have a wonderful day, friends.



kwhip said...

I love you, Natalie, and I a so glad you and Luke had a great week with friends. It was nice to chat with you during laundry the other day!

shari said...

hi natalie,

so happy to read that you are enjoying my new series.thanks! brian put that elvis perkins song on a cd for me and i adore it. so good. and i'm really looking forward to your chocolate chip cookie recipe. have an excellent weekend.

Brian F said...

yes, it is always ok, isn't it? i like that sentiment.
have a great weekend.

Julia said...

i love your lately list. can't wait to see these new earrings, they sound intriguing! hope you have a great weekend, filled with doing, but not too much :)

Seamus said...

Sei brava. Great song grazie

j.linneman said...

ahh, i feel you on the "almost wrote last night but decided to go to bed instead.." i've had that feeling a bunch this week. i'm glad that you're so refreshed this morning. i've been encouraged by lamentations 3:22-23 in that regard.

glad to hear that you like foer! i want to talk to you about this book! and i will definitely check out your recommendation when i'm done!

have a great friday! :)

My open roads said...

hi! just visiting from the Soule's :) love your photos!

HereBeDragons said...

Mmm. Earl Grey? Lemon Bars? Ahh. Delicious. It almost makes me want to be cold and snowbound.


Tori said...

aw sounds like a lovely week!
where are you guys going for your little road trip?!
call me soon! here is my availability ; )
saturday before 4:45
sunday after 4
monday before 4:45
call me babbbby

i loveee you

Anna said...

hi there, it was so nice to read your comment on my blog. beautiful top image!

Jacquie said...

Haha! Natalie.

First, I haven't stopped listening to that album either. Second, I haven't stopped drinking tea (in the same tea pot featured btw!) in such cold weather.

Stay warm!


Jess said...

lemon bars = heaven.

Anonymous said...

what a lovely list...
staying in with the prospect of a road trip ahead... lots of sweets... and elvis perkins... along with some snow... i can't think of anything better!
take care lovely lady! thanks for sending some love my way... it totally lifted my spirit!

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