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as we were driving home from the laundromat, a car full of four loads of laundry + a dear {friend}, i was inspired by the snowflakes falling onto our car & melting as they reached the windows, the lights of cars zooming past us, and the white blanket of snow covering the road ahead. i was inspired by {shari's} {photos} of blur, light & winter whites. so, i snapped a few myself.
i am amazed at the inspiration that fills my screen each morning as i take a couple of minutes to read some of my {favorite} {blogs} & see photos from {flickr} {friends}... beauty at my fingertips every moment of the day. it is a real delight to be a part of this tiny community of bloggers. you guys are awesome & a true blessing to my life. just wanted you to know that...

in other news, i am looking for a new job. i am so thankful to have my job, working at an independently-owned stationery store in downtown, but luke & i are looking toward the future. i have applied to a handful of montessori schools & to the public library, both places that would serve as great experience for my degree & future career. until then, my boss has offered to pay me to continue to do our window displays at the store. my favorite thing to do! so, i am really excited & very anxious for the future.

i hope you all have a wonderful day. lets notice the small delights of today & be thankful.



Celine said...

I like the blue tones in these photos.
goodluck on your job hunt! I am crossing my fingers for you.

Alicia A. said...

Natalie- I keep wondering if you know my friend Stephanie. You are quite a bit younger than she is but she seems to be in a similar "circle." She works at the public library and at Poppy. (Short-ish, curly-ish dark hair, sweet as can be.)

Anyway- lovely photos. Take care.

shari said...

love these, natalie!

my background is in montessori. best of luck in your job search. so happy to hear that you'll be able to keep doing the displays.
happy weekend.

Luke Freeman said...

Natalie, these are beautiful photos.

kwhip said...

These photos really capture the mid-afternoon, early night feeling of winter in Missouri. How did the ridiculous cheetah ones turn out, haha?

Stina said...

You have a lovely place here! I am so glad I happen to stumble upon it.
Love from Stina.

Brian said...

you take such thoughtful, beautiful photos. thanks, natalie.

Jess said...

I'm really liking these blurry wintry photos.

Jeremy Estes CFD said...

I love ur point of view! I think ur photography is just breathtaking! and also ummm hello???!?! what is this about finding a new job? :( I totally understand! I myself am looking to expand my horizons. I hope to be in a different city and state this same time next year. If we never stretch our wings how do we know if we can fly?

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