date nights

this week is so full for us. i have been busily working on two papers, studying for two exams, and finishing my compositional piece for my fibers class. thankfully, this blog gives me a place to set my 'to-do' list aside & really reflect.
although this blog often features the quiet & more beautiful moments in my life, my days are often filled with piles of dirty dishes, too many appointments, stacks of books for assigned readings, coffee cups half empty, and frustrations about the most mundane things. still, i try to capture the out-of-the-ordinary times in my life & place them here to remember that things are not as bad as they may seem.

with my rambling aside, i wanted to write about date nights. these nights are some of the moments i want to keep close to my mind & heart because they're often my most favorite times. i also believe that date nights are essential for a healthy marriage and one's well being.

of course, i am not a marriage expert; seven months of marriage does not qualify me as so. that said, i still believe it is so important to set aside time for your significant other. mine & luke's lives are so full right now, trying to balance both being full-time students, married, and working. we sometimes live life together, forgetting that we deeply care & want to know more about the other person.

so, as a commitment to each other, we make time for one another. we dress up in our sunday's best, we eat dinner together, we go to a movie or rent one to watch at home, we enjoy a scoop of ice cream, and we simply enjoy one another's company. spending time with him is the best therapy a girl could ask for.



Luke Freeman said...

Who's that guy in the photos? He looks like he belongs in a Wes Anderson film. Talk about sharp.

And that girl's pretty darn cute herself.

jenny said...

a fibers class sounds so interesting! what are you majoring in?

natalie said...

jenny: i am a youth studies/women's & gender studies major. fibers is just an elective. it's a blast, though!

christine grace said...

your blog is always a joy to read. wonderful that you have date nights and beautiful moments to share in between such hectic schedules.

bright lights, big cities said...

Natalie, If it's not one thing its another... yes you two are both busy right now, but it will be like that for the rest of your lives!! (maybe until after retirement..) Good to realize this now and take five minutes. Everything you establish in your marriage now will grow with you and luke as your marriage grows!

SO here's to Happy Date Nights!

ALFIE said...

you may still be in the early stages of marriage, but it is clear that you and luke have such a clear understanding of love, and the importance of time spent together. your photos, as always, inspire.

p.s. the rosebud earrings i purchased from "him & her designs" have been a HIT! thanks :)

Julia said...

such great advice. we've never managed to have scheduled date nights because our routines are changing so much, but we do make sure to have times to ourselves with no work involved. it's so helpful. also, these photos are lovely, and you look beautiful, as usual.

Anonymous said...

what a beautiful post. my husband & i have been married for 10 months now & have the same philosophy in marriage. we've gone on a date night every week since we first got married (aside from a couple crazy busy weeks), and it's proven to be so beneficial for the both of us! thanks for sharing your thoughts & your photographs :]

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