spring is here!

the sun is rising earlier in the morning & casting the most beautiful shadows onto our cracked & peeling walls. the temperatures are becoming warmer & feet are shedding socks. i'm feeling much lighter in spite of all that needs to get done these next few weeks.
we are making plans to work in the garden next weekend, cleaning out the beds & preparing for planting. also, a walk along the trails is due.



katrina said...

lovely post :)
i love your tabletop!

Luke Freeman said...

This weather is making me so happy. I can't wait for picnic lunches in the park together.


Shalini said...

I love the onset of spring. Everything feels so good and so alive. Wonderful photos.

Jess said...

I'm feeling better too, despite the exams and essays piling up!

Photographer Ida Linge said...

Beautiful photos as always, Natalie. Spring is still far away from our Norway. Best wishes Ida
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Liz said...

i love your flowers.
happy spring beginnings to you!

molly said...

Stumbled over your spot, and I just must say how lovely it is. I'm beyond smitten with the bike. Look forward to digging back through the past beauty.

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