breakfast is my favorite.

a few weeks ago, my {best friend} came to visit. for brunch on one particular morning, luke made eggs, french-pressed coffee & the most delicious french toast.
i've always known that breakfast is my favorite meal. it is even better when enjoyed outside with wonderful people. 
i have been missing these mornings lately.
the semester is coming to a close.
i am tying up loose ends...
finishing up papers & studying for exams.
sleeping a little too late & rushing out the door.

soon, though.
i can almost taste summer!



Lorena said...

your everyday life is beautiful, delicious and full of cozy places and atmospheres.

Luke Freeman said...

I really like these photos, though I think I look like a drowned cat in the last one.

I wish we could get up on time. I don't know what has made it so hard these past few months. Morning is my favorite time of day and I hardly allow myself mornings anymore. I choose sleep instead.

jessie said...

breakfast is my favorite too! i wore a summer shirt today.. you're right, i can almost taste it. you can make it! :)

Indrani said...

Hello Natalie,

Those were pretty pictures. Luke sure does look like a drowned cat. Morning is my fav time too. Hope you had a good time with your friend that day.


ness said...

I thought these were pictures from a magazine until I saw Luke......a visual feast : )

Breakfast is my favorite too, which is funny considering I'm not a morning person at all.

ALFIE said...

breakfast outside is an amazingly beautiful way to start any day. keep these beautiful memories in your mind as you get through the last stressful days of the semester :)

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