{this moment}

looking up.

last week's {this moment}


this weekend we plan to relax & work in the garden.
i'll be back on monday with some exciting news!

& speaking of exciting news, our dear friends {& the best pre-marital counselors!!}, alison & matt, had their first baby girl this morning! we love you two!



Jess said...

beautiful photo! I've been trying to remember to look up more often, especially with the beautiful weather we've had lately.

Alice said...

I just discovered your blog in my google reader recommendations. I love it so much I keep clicking the "older posts" at the bottom of every page! So inspiring. Absolutely love your film photography.

Indrani said...

Hello Natalie,

Its must have been a very hard decision for you to quit your job. Im sure you would love teaching those kids at your next job. Hope you spend a lot of time to relax yourself.Those were pretty pic of the jam jars. Im sure u would have some pretty things at your garage sale. Enjoy yourself while you can.


apples&honey said...

Congrats on taking a new direction {and on winning the abby try again giveaway}
That is how I found you...I love you photos and have also been inspired to pick up my Grampa's old praktica ltl film camera and hope to get some film shots with which digital just can't compare!
I would love to know more about how you are teaching yourself and any tips for starting out with film!

I am loving your blog and will add you to my growing list of faves!

Congrats on everything!

alisonballou said...

aww, thanks, we love you, too!!

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