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okay, i think i need to break the rules a little & let you know about this photo, haha. during my trip to kansas city, my brother & i celebrated our birthdays at an italian restaurant, buca di beppo. when it is your birthday, they serve you huge cupcakes & sing happy birthday to you. it is so much fun! & when my mom snapped this photo, my brother & i made the same exact face, which totally makes me laugh.

& also reminds me that i miss my family a lot. seven hours & many miles between, i think about them all of the time. i guess you could say i am a little homesick. turning 21 & getting married are both huge reminders that you're not a little girl anymore. still, there's nothing like family. this photo really reminds me of that.



shari said...

what a sweet photo! hope you had a fantastic birthday.

Julia said...

yup. i can wholeheartedly say that the lack of family is the worst thing about living in minneapolis. at least we have jared's (quite large, i might add) family here. but it's not quite the same. happy birthday!

abby try again said...

Oh Natalie-it's kinda crazy how similar our lives are :)
Sigh...gonna email you about this one :)
Happy Birthday, girl!

Aurora said...

I just wanted to let you know I love your blog. It is splendid.

Jocy said...

Very sweet! I am super close to my two sisters. I think when friends meet them for the first time, see all three of us together, they "get it," get me in a way. The homesickness comes and goes, and it is inevitable given any huge step.

melissa said...

Happy (belated!) birthday!

It's nice to come across your little space. I'm really enjoying reading your words.

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