lots of thoughts!

i am in a "rare form" this morning { i really like that phrase}.
perhaps it is the chocolate brownie i had for breakfast?
or getting a decent amount of sleep last night?
or maybe i am just really excited to spend some time with friends this morning?

whatever the case may be, i am feeling a bit scattered, pretty antsy & incredibly inspired this morning.

last night, luke & i enjoyed our tuesday date night. we both had pretty long days yesterday so we just wanted to take it easy & relax with one another. we picked up chinese take-out, curled up on the couch with a beer & had really great conversation. afterward, we worked on some art projects & i made brownies with {this} recipe. so delicious!

luke spent some time working on my birthday invitation {see above} & i could not be more excited! he is planning, coordinating & decorating. gosh, he is so thoughtful & i am so lucky to be his wife. i am truly blessed!
also, my {best friend} is coming into town for my birthday party weekend!
so many things to look forward to!

& before i go...
just a few more things i am lovin' right now...
+the spring collection for {j.crew}
+ abby's {bookmarks}. perfect for summer reading!
+ {this} blog
+ {collecting}
+ & outside {dinners}

have a good day, friends!
thanks for reading!



Celine said...

mmmm I love brownies so much! I hope these were easy to make! I always burn chocolate for some reason :(
your birthday invite is perfect! happy birthday (a little early, I know! but just in case I miss it!)


kwhip said...

I am so so obsessed with the invitation that Luke made! I can't wait to get mine in the mail.

Tori said...

oh my goooooooodness girlfran i can't friggin wait!

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