under water.

{photos above from our recent {camping} trip to the river & fish hatchery}

good morning, friends! warmer weather is officially here! i woke up to open windows with only a sheet & light quilt on our bed. we've been eating our meals outside & today is the first day of planting in our garden!
my parents are coming into town tonight for a three-person birthday celebration. today is my brother's birthday {happy birthday, j.o.}!! last month my mom had a birthday & mine is coming up soon. we're celebrating with good food & a bit of exploring around kansas city. a perfect way to end spring break, i think.

any special plans for you this weekend?

so, i'm heading out early this weekend to enjoy the sunshine & time with family.

but before i go, thank you so much for all of the {lovely} comments on my last entry!



Tori said...

Ah this weather is so divine! I'm so happy you guys are experiencing the same. Happy Birthday to the Noack clan! I am glad you're enjoying your spring break babaaay!
love you!
Have a safe trip to KC!

katrina said...

your weekend sounds so nice!
the farmer's market is finally outdoors here starting this weekend! and there is a handmade craft festival. i am excited.

bright lights, big cities said...

Sounds fun!! I'm going to the country this weekend and celebrating easier... hello easter eggs and cold normandy weather!

Tumbleweed Woman said...

wow these are some of the dreamiest pictures i've seen in a long time.

Ida said...

Happy easter to both of you. Ida

Tumbleweed Woman said...

I know I already commented, but I just keep visiting these images... they have such an ethereal feel. LOVE them! :)

kwhip said...

I really want an underwater camera or just to be a mermaid or something.

anna said...

hey :) i really love these pictures too. i want to take pictures like you one day...

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