{this moment} vi.

last week's {this moment}

i am heading out for the weekend. 
my {best friend} is coming to town!

but before i go... just a few thoughts/bits of inspiration:

+ i purchased {this} with some birthday money & i am so excited! shanna's work is always so incredibly beautiful.
+ i am slowly getting over my second case of pneumonia. i ranted about it {here}. i still feel a bit weak & my sinuses are not giving in!
+ this {table} is so dreamy. the color has me thinking about painting bits of furniture in our home.
+ {k} + i made some {granola} last night. such a great recipe! i plan on munching on it throughout the weekend & adding fresh fruit & yogurt.

i'll see you all on monday!


juillet said...

Such a great photo :) Love it.

ALFIE said...

love the joy & emotion captured here!

Luke Freeman said...

I love this photo. This is what being brothers is all about.

p.s. I'm sorry that you had to make your own spring banner for the blog. It looks great, though. And I'd still love to make one for you. It would just be a very belated birthday present.

kwhip said...

That is too cute!


Kelsey "Whipple" Noack-Freeman

Anonymous said...

i adore that table. thanks for sharing :)

xo Alison

Shalini said...

Lovely in-the-moment photo.

shanna murray said...

thanks so much for the kind words, natalie. your blog is charming!

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