i have been inspired, lifted & renewed by the richness of summer.

in the little moments of picking brown-eyed susans from our garden & placing them around the home.

in the quiet moments of brunch at our favorite spot in town.

in the excitement of receiving packages from {liam}, {abby} & {nate & katie}.

in the minutes just before work when i choose to water flowers instead of spending time online.

in the cooling hours of evening as we enjoy luke's homemade cornbread & greens.

& the beauty of being outdoors as neighbors pass by & say hello.

& in the heat of the day as i pick strawberries

with a dear {friend} & venture home to make jam.

i am so thankful for these days.
i do not often write directly about my beliefs for fear, doubt & other reasons, but i truly have been left in awe these last few days. this morning as i talked to my mom on the phone, i was amazed at the way God reveals himself. it is really difficult to explain, but as i ended the conversation with my mom, a huge smile appeared on my face. he reveals himself in the beauty of a relationship between mother & daughter. he strengthens, encourages, renews, makes alive.
it brings me to tears, really.
yesterday evening as i was looking through some photographs that luke took, i stopped & focused on one in particular- a photo of potted tulips from this past spring brought peace to my heart. the shapes of each leaf, the softness of light, the foggy details etched on the pot... it really caught me by surprise & i was thankful.
He creates & He celebrates the little details in life.

i hope this long weekend brings you peace, friends.
thanks for reading.



Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing so openly -- glad that your heart has been so encouraged by the Lord lately! (and it made me happy to see the pic of you watering flowers instead of going online haha)

bright lights, big cities said...

lovely post! I wish I could eat some of that jam RIGHT NOW! =)

Ida said...

beautiful photos, natalie:)

Open Roads Mama said...

your photos are so full of spring! :) love 'em!

Alice said...

everything you shoot is so lovely.

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