thrift store goodies.

this past week, while {tori} was visiting, we made a few trips to my favorite thrift shops.
i really love thrifting. with everything that i pick up, i wonder...

what is the story behind this? who was the previous owner? where was this placed in their home? how did they use this?

& sometimes my thrift finds speak back to me... revealing little bits of their character:
faded red stains on a table cloth, worn edges of a handbag, a small crack on a teapot.

so, here are a few of the treasures i found:

a vintage wallet complete with old photographs + a pearl white pen.
"love, charles" is written on the top left photograph. my heart leaped when i saw it!
25 cents.

a vintage tie that i hope to screen print for luke.
50 cents.

vintage linens that will be made into bread bags, a quilt {hopefully!} & other projects.
25 cents each.

enjoy your day!
we are leaving for brazil in six days {!!!} & there are many things to check off the list before leaving. if you haven't yet, head on over to {him + her}. i especially like our entry for this week.



Anonymous said...

awesome finds -- and so cheap! i was tempted to trick you into thinking that that's a pic of my mom, but i decided to be nice. :]

Fotograf Ida Linge said...

Hi Natalie, love the vintage wallet that you found; a small treasure. Love old photos! I also read Him + Her, but cannot post comments there as I don't have a Google account etc. Best, Ida in Norway

bright lights, big cities said...

great finds! I finding the old stuff left from others too... except used tissues!
Can't wait to get back to the states and do some country thrifting myself!

Tori said...

A BREAD BAG! oh my gosh. I was going to make you a bread bag for your birthday & when that time came, i found myself struggling to remember what the awesome thing was i was going to make you...& for the life of me i could not remember until NOW when i read this! haha damn.

I'm glad we found so many great things last week!

Jamie Lee said...

I envy your living in the midwest... there are such better thrift store finds there than here!! My dear friend neighbor Jenn and I were talking about this fact just last night. She's from Nebraska. I was going through her incredible collection of retro dishes she picked up at various thrift stores throughout the midwest. Your linens are especially beautiful!

Vivian said...

looove the thrifted treasures! I've been awaiting a good excuse to hit a few thrift stores and now I'm even more motivated, lol
Please post when you make those bread bags- that's a great idea!

Tumbleweed Woman said...

your photos, as always, are just exquisite. what wonderful things you found... there are so many treasures to be found in thrift stores.

ALFIE said...

AHHHH! what truly awesome finds!!

that wallet! those photos!

i know that feeling of glee when you discover something so personal. last year i was at a thrift sale and found a small collection of photos from a paris vacation, circa 1930. there was handwriting on the back. in french. definite swoon!

lovely post.

thenextarrow said...

i adore the last photo. great finds!

xo Alison

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