have a happy weekend!

{pictures from our recent trip to arkansas. i love going outside in the morning to look at the in-law's flower garden. it is one of my favorite parts of his parents' home.}

weekend line-up:
1. rummage sales
2. painting an old church pew i picked up for 25 bucks. so excited!
3. planting some cone flowers on the side of the house
4. veggie fajitas for dinner
5. peach + blueberry delight for dessert
6. takin' it easy

happy weekend!


oh,henry! said...

wonderful photos and light too...
great eye for details.

Luke Freeman said...

I am such a lucky man! Life with you is an adventure. It feels so good to be spending the weekend with you in our new home.

yours truly

Darcy said...

I've been following your blog for a while now and don't know if I've ever commented. But I love your photos and all the success you've had with your garden is totally inspiring.


heather smith jones said...

Sounds super Natalie, enjoy!
Did you bring the coneflowers back from Arkansas?

Lotte said...

lovely pictures

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