summer meals

summer meals are by far my favorite.
i love grabbing a baguette & enjoying it for dinner with a little olive oil & balsamic vinegar. tossing a few cucumbers & tomatoes together with vinegar & a dash of salt. cooking with only what's in season. luke bringing home a bag of produce from the farm & using every bit of it. harvesting veggies from the garden & making a summer bouquet to fancy up the table.
i absolutely love it!
i hold strong to my ideas of summer dinner... it must be casual. it must be light. it has to be fresh. for those very reasons, the meal plan {that i so fondly love in the fall & winter} & i are butting heads. in the summer, i prefer to clean out the fridge, toss some things together, make it spontaneous. i've kept the meal plan for luke's peace of mind & need for order, but it is much more organic & easygoing for now. man, that's just the way i like it.

what are some of your summer favorites?



Celine said...

mmm! look so good!
it has been oddly chilly around here, so it doesn't feel like summer. But we did have a great summer.
my summer favourite, is farmers markets, and bike rides. i plan to do lots of that in this last month of summer.

onelonelyapricot said...

Sounds and looks delicious! That is my favorite way to cook in the summer as well. It makes me feel like a bit of a failure for not trying new recipes, but I don't know why since everything is so fresh and amazing on its own! This summer I have enjoyed visiting the farmers' market weekly and also harvesting vegetables from my own garden for the first time.

Jess said...

summer favorites: peaches eaten out of hand. cherry tomatoes halved and quickly sauteed in olive oil with lots of minced garlic, then tossed with thin spaghetti and maybe some shrimp. boiled corn with butter and pepper.
and by the way, that dinner looks fabulous and I might just invite myself over.

ALFIE said...

been loving fresh salsa from garden tomatoes and spices.
snap peas off the vine.
pita bread with homemade basil-infused olive oil.
and green smoothies.

easy and light--just as you said.

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