the fam.

i'm not really sure how to put into words my thoughts this afternoon. it is a relaxing day & i am thankful for that. no work, no real plans... just a few odds & ends here & there before our semester starts.
and as i sit here, enjoying my cup of coffee & the many {inspirations} on flickr + blogs, my mind continually drifts to where we will be this time next year.

graduated & continuing to work at the bakery?

staying another year to work on the farm together?

in arkansas & close to both of our families?

serving in americorp in some cool city?

... at this point,
i have no idea of where we are to go, what is in store for us, the path we are to pursue.

i do know that...

my heart longs for the south.
i miss my family.
i want what's best for luke & his passion for working the land.
& the dream of someday owning some land & a farm.

looking at the photos above, i am reminded of all of this. spending a few days at our family's homes just isn't enough. we love {& continually long for} the company of our families, watching our brothers & sisters get older, listening to our parents' advice, sharing meals with the friends we grew up with, & the feeling of comfort that is felt in the midst of being with family.

so, should we go back to our home, the place where we grew up & the place that feels so comfortable?

or should we start anew?... in a place yet to be discovered?


the comfort of knowing that we have a year to figure all of this out keeps me at ease & at peace. thankfully, we are not the creator of our stories.

for now, i'll just enjoy my day off. sip on my coffee. take a walk downtown. work in the garden. anticipate a visit from luke's family this weekend. & wonder.

thanks for reading, friends.


megan/mason said...

I would definitely recommend Americorps. My partner is getting ready to begin his second term and will most likely stay on in a permanent position once it is completed. Moving so that he could take the position has been one of the best decisions that we have ever made. It has been a great way for him to get into the field that interests him, but also allows us a lot of free time to spend together working in the garden and camping. I know that you are both interested in fresh food and farming, so you may want to check out the new FoodCorps program, if you haven't already.

Tori said...

I am sure you can guess my answer on this one...move back to AR! : ) I would love to have you near again.

But really though, whatever you guys do, you will do for a reason & it will work out wonderfully.

love you.

Luke Freeman said...

"Thankfully, we are not the creator of our stories." You are so right. And that is what gives me comfort; that we are being swept along by something greater than ourselves. But whatever happens, we will have each other, and that also comforts me.

vivian said...

You guys are so inspiring! Of course, I selfishly want you to come farm in AR but I know that where God's Will is sought because it is wise and good, it will be revealed. All in due time, sweets, all in due time!

bright lights, big cities said...

fallow your heart, but always remember family is always a phone call way....

bright lights, big cities said...

opps! follow!

Photographer Ida Linge said...

beautiful photos, love the light! have a happy week

Anonymous said...

Of course my vote is move back to Arkansas !!! ....Mom

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