be thankful.

this is the view from my window in my studio. i've been getting away to this space more often in hopes of maybe creating something new or finding the inspiration that has been absent for sometime now. almost everytime i begin to work, i am reminded of all of the goodbyes i said this summer. five women. five friends & five mentors. five mommas who inspired, brightened, & warmed my heart. & as i am reminded of them, "be thankful" comes to mind. it really is the only thing to do.
be thankful.



morgandkim said...

what a beautiful window. that would be inspiring to create lovely things....

have a lovely day.

Jess said...

it's sad to see pictures of your new place and feel completely unfamiliar with them. I miss you so much, and am thankful for you in my life.

Fotograf Ida Linge said...

beautiful! look forward to your new posts:)

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