meet huck.

meet the newest member of our family, huckleberry!
we fell in love with him at the local animal shelter & the next day, picked him up & brought him home. he's such a sweet pup! he loves chewing on his toys, taking walks around the neighborhood & eating treats. we are in love!



bright lights, big cities said...

omg, sooo jealous (in a good, excited for you and luke way!)

I want to get a pet so badly to ease my lonely apartment, but cyrille isn't ready so we'll have to wait.

huck is soo cute!

HomeCollection. said...

he's so cute!

Luke Freeman said...

These are such great pictures! I love thinking about how Huck will grow up with us be there when we have children. And how our kids will be able to grow up with a dog.

Though I can get frustrated with the little guy, I'm happy he's part of the family now.


Kimberly from AK said...

He is so cute and I'm happy that you both chose to adopt.
My Robbie-dog came from a shelter and I've never had a better dog.

ida said...

oh, he's beautiful! i have a cairn terrier myself:) happy weekend!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to meet my "granddog". I'll get his stocking ready!! He's so cute takes after his granddad. lol
love, mom

Jess said...

awww, Luke signed off "Dad". I don't know who's cuter - him or Huck! seriously difficult to judge the cuteness contest.

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