oh, where will we go?

good conversations, the beginning of a winter scarf, fresh eggs from a friend's hens, trips to the farmer's market, delicious meals from this month's issue of real simple, an evening of crafts with close friends...
all of these experiences have been such encouragements to an otherwise difficult week.

& what's even more encouraging is the connection that luke + i have shared about our upcoming adventures in farming. we've set our sights on the possibility of moving to vermont, oregon, or maine in hopes of working on an organic farm and rooting ourselves deep into the communities of whole food. we are so excited!!

of course, we still have eight months until we graduate, and i am constantly reminded of the blessings i am given each + every day. there is still so much to invest in here & i am incredibly thankful.



morgandkim said...

keep blogging i like it.

Jamie Lee said...

You are an inspired woman! It's a beautiful thing =)

HomeCollection. said...

the best organic place!

bright lights, big cities said...

ooooo...... all those places sound wonderful! I used to live in vermont and it's true, just fall alone will make anyone want to move there.

Tara Thayer said...

hi natalie!
how exciting to think about the possibilities, and to be able to live them out together.

come east! come east!

glad to hear from you. i know you've unplugged at home, but i miss your photos + words.


Luke Freeman said...

No matter where life takes us, I'm just happy to know that I will be living it with you.

with love,

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