a relaxing weekend

happy weekend, everyone!
i could not be any more excited for the next few days.
we are going to try out a new restaurant in town tonight. it's an in-season gourmet pizza shop & i have heard it's amazingly delicious. tomorrow morning i am going to purchase some fall pumpkins from the farmer's maket. i plan on spending the rest of the afternoon making pumpkin cinnamon rolls with cream cheese frosting {jess, i'll tell you all about them!} the rest of the evening will be spent relaxing at home & possibly watching a movie.

& with the fall weather, i am itching to go apple-picking. some apple pies & apple butter are in order! perhaps a trip to the orchard will happen!

i wish you a relaxing weekend full of good food + fun!



juillet said...

I would really wish to spend a day with you.

Elisabelle said...

these photos are so beautiful and peaceful!!!

Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

I wonder if the apples are ready here to pick...I love the way the house smells when you are making apple anything!!!

Luke Freeman said...

This was a great weekend, indeed! (As I eat one of the apples we picked at Emma's.)


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