our new crib!

welcome to our new little house!
we've been busy unpacking boxes, painting old furniture, & finding places for the things we love to have around.
we feel incredibly blessed to live in such a nice home; it is such a privilege.
& it is also so relaxing + calming to be here.
we are still doing a few things here & there to make it feel like home...
such as... what should we do above the fireplace? any ideas?! i'd love to hear your thoughts!

but- i thought i'd take you on a little tour of my favorite little nooks around the house...

i sit here during breakfast & look out the window. i love to see the cars bustling by.
{zinnias & tomatoes from our garden!}

the newest addition to our family... her name is fern. she's a banana plant & sits happily on a wooden chair by the window.

ahhhhh! my studio! this place makes me so happy!
i've felt incredible bursts of creativity recently. i've been back to making earrings for the etsy update. i've been using very natural colors, tones, & beads. i cannot wait to show you!

i cannot believe it is friday! have a wonderful weekend! i plan to bicycle to the farmer's market & spend some time at home.



heather smith jones said...

Natalie your home is so lovely, it looks like a great place to relax and get cozy. Can't wait to see what you're making in the studio!

ALFIE said...

what a lovely new place to call home.

megan/mason said...

Pretty floors! I love the nesting stage of a new home.

Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

What a charming home. I'm blank about ideas for the mantle....but I know you can decorate and will come up with something.
I just blogged about my new studio or sewing room whatever ine wants to call it. :)

My garden is starting to fizzle out...:(

bright lights, big cities said...

don't you just love having a fireplace?! nice new home!

Mila Spigolon said...

Hi Natalie! You look like have a beautiful and happy life, thank you to share a piece with us! I'm very happy to see people like you in this world with this way of life. I love your post about brazil, its good to hear from people from others countries, because here we are so habituated with this, that's not everybody who really stops to thinking about it. Is part of our culture from years, but someday this will have to change.
Have a wonderful week!

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