december bliss

luke & i are soaking up every moment of the christmas season.
this time of year brings such joy & warmth to our home, our lives & our hearts.

to be really honest, it has been an incredibly difficult season of life. i've overcome a lot of my sadness {thanks to luke, our little pup, sweet friends, & the company of family}, but some days it is still hard not to be critical & examine every part of my life that isn't quite right.

still, i am thankful for this time of year.
i am thankful for my husband, my family & the blessing of such a warm & cozy home.

having our home decorated for the holidays is just another reason to feel so blessed.
the twinkle of the lights, the wooden nativity scene, the handmade ornaments adorning our tree... all are so dear to me.

{handmade ornament found at salvation army for just 50 cents}

{luke made this ornament while we were dating}

{our mantel with thrifted vintage ornaments & our stockings}

{& dear ol' huckleberry, the sweetest christmas pup of all!}

i am looking forward to the next couple of weeks.
classes will be out for winter break & christmas celebrations will commence!

thanks so much for reading.


tacomakera said...

girl's night at your house soon? this post has brought on the christmas spirit faster than hot cocoa and peppermint schnapps. natalie, you are the best.

bright lights, big cities said...

oh such beauty. you have a whole new year coming soon to start with a clean slate!

usually we decorate on christmas eve together as a family, so always wait for the last minute to decorate.

brittany said...

glad to see that you're back to posting again... your words are always such an inspiration. thank you for writing.

onelonelyapricot said...

I love your mantel decor! I have a milk glass collection as well. It's classy!

Rebekah said...

I love reading your posts. You writing is really insprirational to me. You seem to live such a lovely life! Please continue to write!

- Rebekah

P.S. Your Christmas decorations are just wonderful!

Luke Freeman said...

I love Christmas with you, Natalie!

ida said...

what a beautiful decorated tree - wishing you a happy Christmas!

Jess said...

glad you're back. I've missed your online blog presence. even more, I've missed your actual presence. I am also going through a terribly sad time of life, and I just wish I could come over and cozy up with you next to that gorgeous tree.

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