little bits from the weekend...

we stayed in most of the weekend & i do not regret it one bit.

we found a perfect balance between finishing projects, checking off our to do list, & taking breaks to relax while watching the twinkling lights on the tree.
we even managed to take a walk around the neighborhood with huckleberry after waking up to a few inches of snow.
i wrapped some gifts, cleaned the house & enjoyed a homemade pizza made by luke.

life is really good right now & i am thankful.


Tara Thayer said...

yeah, hang on to that feeling. because life is really good.
it will be hard, it will be weird, and it will throw you for a loop.
but it's really good.
glad to hear from you natalie!

Celine said...

I love staying in.
that tree is spectacular!!

morgandkim said...

i'm so jealous of the snow.. it looks amazing.
its stinking hot her in the southern hemisphere.

Luke Freeman said...

I love the photos, Natalie! Especially Huck with snow in his face. This past weekend was wonderful, just what we needed. I love our life together.

Megan said...

Your tree is so beautiful and your wintry photos are lovely! Sometimes staying in weekends are the best.

Jess said...

wow that sounds perfect. that bench in your house is too adorable!

ida said...

what a pretty house you do have - and a beautiful life by the sound of it. wishing you a peaceful and happy Christmas. love from Norway

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